Bouclème Foam to Dry Shampoo 100ml

Bouclème Foam to Dry Shampoo 100ml
Kategorier: Hårvård, Shampoo
Brand: Boucleme
226 SEK
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Refresh your hair in between washes with the Bouclème Foam to Dry Shampoo. Ideal for oil-prone scalps and greasy roots, the alcohol-free dry shampoo features a foam-to-powder texture that works to absorb excess oil while boosting hair’s volume. Infused with tapioca and cornstarch, the formula helps to balance oil production and add tousle and texture to hair. Aloe vera lends anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, while cooling spearmint and peppermint help to neutralise unwanted odour and leave your hair and scalp feeling refreshed and revitalised. 97% naturally derived. Vegan.