BondiBoost Rapid Repair Conditioner 300ml

BondiBoost Rapid Repair Conditioner 300ml
Kategorier: Hårvård, Shampoo
Brand: BondiBoost
282 SEK
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Enhance the look of your hair’s shine with the BondiBoost Rapid Repair Conditioner, a cuticle-smoothing formula that helps to revitalise lengths from root to tip. Seeking to nurture delicate strands and hair follicles, the ultra-creamy conditioner helps to reduce the appearance of split ends to promote a strengthening and revitalising effect. Hair appears feather-soft and weightless as the rich formula gently conditions strands to help improve hair manageability. Used alongside the partner shampoo, the conditioner nourishes hair for effortlessly glossier-looking lengths. Vegan and cruelty-free.