BLEACH LONDON Reincarnation Conditioner 300ml

BLEACH LONDON Reincarnation Conditioner 300ml
Kategorier: Hårvård, Shampoo
Brand: Bleach London
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Expertly developed for bleached and colour-treated hair types, Bleach London’s Reincarnation Conditioner seeks to leave your hair feeling silky smooth and glossy, scientifically proven to reduce breakage by 68%. Powered by bond-targeting technology, the conditioner protects and nourishes to leave hair feeling silky soft. Infused with a rich blend of creatine, castor oil and amino acids, the rich formula works to lock in essential moisture to help minimise the appearance of breakage and split ends. Paired with the Reincarnation Shampoo, this high-performance haircare routine instantly hydrates the hair to encourage effortless manageability and shine. Vegan.