Biotherm Life Plankton Holiday Set

Biotherm Life Plankton Holiday Set
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Brand: Biotherm
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This holiday season, discover Biotherm wonders with a personalised skincare ritual to perfectly regenerate your skin from urban accelerated ageing. This set provides you all steps of a complete skincare routine. Set Contents: Life Plankton Elixir 50ml For the first time, anti-ageing serum with the highest concentration of Life Plankton™ to face urban accelerated ageing and damages caused by sunlight, pollution and urban stress. Engineered with a combination of the most active ingredients for skin that looks smoother, firmer, stronger. Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Day Cream 15ml Originated from the sea, boosted by Biotherm biologists, the uplifting power of precious red algae has now been captured in an ultra-sensorial rosy cream. With age, fundamental collagen and elastin-fibres decline significantly and result in a loss of skin firmness, less defined contours, and wrinkles. Biotherm brings skin lifting power with red algae extract, reinforcing skin’s youthful and firm structure. Envelop your skin with creamy freshness for a pleasurable sensation and visible transformation: Instantly soft and hydrated, velvety and smooth-looking skin, illuminated with subtle rosy radiance. Blue Therapy Red Algae Uplift Night Cream 15ml At night, skin needs a nourishing texture as it experiences its highest moisture loss. Captured in a comfortable and enveloping night cream, our two powerful ingredients - uplifting red algae and firming collagen peptide fraction - smooths and firms skin, helping skin to renew overnight. Night after night, wrinkles are visibly reduced, contours are re-defined, skin looks firmer, as lifted. In the morning, the skin wakes up smoothed, fresh and illuminated with subtle rosy radiance. Life Plankton Eye 5ml Life Plankton™ eye cream helps face urban premature eye aging by sustaining skin regenerating capacities and fighting crows feet and wrinkles. Containing the highest concentration of regenerating patented probiotic Life Plankton™, this eye cream envelopes the eye contour to form an instant second natural skin barrier to protect it from further aggressions. It intensely hydrates and nourishes and fights eye bags and dark circles under eyes.