Biotherm Blue Therapy Revitalise Day 50ml

Biotherm Blue Therapy Revitalise Day 50ml
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Brand: Biotherm
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Treat dull, dehydrated skin to a burst of luminosity with the Biotherm Blue Therapy Revitalise Day cream. The nourishing moisturiser features anti-ageing action designed to refine the complexion while supporting its natural glow. Enriched with amber algae, the cream is formulated to help fight the visible effects of environmental aggressors that cause skin ageing. Life Plankton™, a patented probiotic faction, features to nurture the skin’s natural barrier while calcium helps to promote hydration. The expert face cream is infused with Korean Particule Technology, helping to support the skin’s firmness while promoting a healthy-looking radiance. Study: Tonicity +35%* Firmness +11.2%* Low-face ptosis -13.6%** 93% feel skin nourished and 78% find skin revitalized*** *clinical scoring on 40 women **clinical scoring on 61 women ***self-assessments on 50 women