Biotherm Blue Therapy Night Cream 50ml

Biotherm Blue Therapy Night Cream 50ml
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Brand: Biotherm
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Visibly refine ageing skin with this potent reparative night cream from Biotherm’s Blue Therapy range, powered by alaria esculenta, a marine-based extract commonly referred to as the ‘algae of youth’. Sheltered from exposure to damaging environmental aggressors, skin is most receptive to repair and renewal at night, and this moisturiser takes full advantage of that. Supercharged with Biotherm’s nutrient-rich Life Plankton™ complex and powerful natural actives, the rich anti-ageing cream works to plump and soften the look of fine lines, enlarged pores and loss of firmness. Skin elasticity is noticeably improved and radiance is restored with continual use. Ideal for maturing skin.