Benton PHA Peeling Gel 70ml

Benton PHA Peeling Gel 70ml
Kategorier: Hudvård, Peeling
Brand: Benton
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Indulge in a salon-worthy experience from the comfort of your own home with Benton’s peeling gel. As a brand, Benton is passionate about only incorporating natural, botanical and clean ingredients into its products, minimising the risk of irritation and redness. The innovative peeling gel works with two steps, the first one offering a gentle yet thorough Cellulose exfoliation that reduces the look and build-up of dirt and grime. A boost of PHA, a third-generation component, promotes a subtle, kind-to-skin peeling process, while Hyaluronic Acid drenches your base in moisture. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid reduces the chance of skin feeling stripped of natural, essential oils, instead leaving a luminous, youthful glow in its wake. Working to melt away excess oil, the ingenious PHA defends your skin against the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads, along with reducing the risk of oxidisation. Cruelty free.